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Building a house or property requires immense planning. Starting from the position of the entrance to where the bathroom will be located to how the kitchen and bedroom will be designed, everything has to be planned according to the Vastu of the property. But, how will you know if the house that you are getting built is Vastu compliant or not? That is the time when our Vastu experts will come to use. At Enkay Architecture, we offer consultancy services for Vastu compliancy and you can be rest assured that we will provide the most reliable advice for your house or office. We understand how crucial Vastu is and Indians are very sensitive about it. Most importantly, the science behind this architectural system is quite diverse. The team of Vastu Shastra consultants in Udaipur is one of the best that we have got. Before the blueprint of a building or house is done, they will assess the area, check the Vastu and then approve the design. There have been many cases where the design of the building has been remade by our Vastu experts.

Understanding the Vastu of a house requires detailed knowledge and years of experience. Our Vastu expert Udaipur, has both knowledge and experience and they have the capability to provide accurate Vastu for your house. The angle from where the sun’s rays will come in, the direction where the doors and windows will be located and so many other things are taken into consideration. What makes us the best in the business is the fact that we follow all the guidelines of Vastu Shastra. Wealth, prosperity and good health are all related to how the Vastu of the house is done. If you are interested in early planning of a house and need consultation service regarding this, we are always there to help.

We have been in the architecture and interior designing service since 2007 and we have always tried to provide the very best to our prized customers. In addition to this, we have also started offering Vastu consultation because we know how important this factor has become for every construction. Vastu has existed since centuries, but not many paid attention to the importance of the science behind it. We have built some eye catching buildings and houses in Udaipur so far and each and every one of them have been done keeping in mind the Vastu compliance.

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