Are you looking to give a new look to your house? Do you think the exterior and interior of your house needs upgradation to help make it look new? If yes, then you have come to the right place. At Enkay Architecture, we offer amazing solutions to your house renovation needs. We have the capability to renovate old fashioned houses to new ones and we can assure you that you will be delighted with our home construction and renovation in Udaipur.

People often confuse renovation with remodeling. Our team will explain the difference and then start with the entire planning process. Once you opt for our services, you will see how the old design transforms into something new. There have been many clients who have wanted to get a renovation done to their property for various reasons. Some have bought an old house that needed reconstruction while many have had their house damaged by some kind of natural disaster and there have been clients who just wanted to get a new look for their house. Whatever the reason may be, we have complied to what our clients need and we will keep doing that in the future as well.

At Enkay Architecture, we offer a three-fold reconstruction process. Starting with the reconstruction stage where the basic construction of the house is checked, the design of the reconstruction is done and then the normal process is followed. The reconstruction may include addition or extension of a certain area or breaking down the area and getting a new design built. Next is the restoration part where we look to restore the area that has been damaged over the years. Our workers will help to give a new look to that area or if you want the same design as earlier, we will be able to do that too. In fact, our company has always been in the top list of renovation consultants in Udaipur.

Our main aim is to ensure that the reconstruction part is done according to what the client wants. That is why we always consult with the client about the designs and additions that need to be done. The entire process of renovation is not just reconstructing. It is a big process where we also take care of the maintenance so that you do not have to think about restoration or further renovation.

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