Everyone loves a house that have wide open spaces with greenery around with an amazing view. Depending on the location of the house, the spaces can be created according to your needs. However, all these have to be properly planned and designed so that the ultimate outcome is one to cherish for a lifetime. This is the kind of service that we, at Enkay Architecture have been providing since 2007. Our landscaping services in Udaipur have been recommended by many and we are really grateful to our clients who have loved our service. Starting from lawns to gardens to the entry of the house, we will take care of everything that you can think of in landscaping.

We may be a 10 year old company, but that has not stopped us from becoming the number one landscaping contractors in Udaipur. This has been possible because of the tireless effort from our architects and designers. We have tried to follow the latest techniques involved in landscaping. Here are some of those techniques given below:

  • Sod installation – this is the easiest and fastest technique for seed germination and can be done within 2 to 3 weeks. Since landscaping is more about designing the exterior of the house with greenery, you can be rest assured that the seeds we will plant will be the best.
  • Aeration – it is one of the most popular techniques for landscaping and is done by digging holes into the soil. This helps in passing the oxygen required and the water will also go deep into the roots and soil properly. Additionally, it will aid in reducing puddle formation around the plants and improve drainage too. One more reason why aeration technique is used so widely is because the compactness of the soil is maintained. We make sure that the soil used for landscaping is of the finest quality.
  • Slice seeding – this is a very unique technique and we have had great results with slice seeding so far. Once this technique is followed, the growth of the turf will become steady. We will clean thatches in and around the area and also prepare seed beds to ensure that the seeds we plant grows quickly. Also, we have noticed that the water infiltration channel improves rapidly in this process.

Although, there are numerous techniques for landscaping, our experts at Enkay Architecture are of the opinion that following the right process is more important than following more techniques.

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