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Architecture and interior designer are two things that can transform a normal building to an extraordinary one. At Enkay Architecture, we fulfill the housing dreams of our clients. Established in the year 2011 in Ahmedabad by Mr. Himanshu Jansari who is the main driving force of the company, we have turned out to be the most popular interior designer in Udaipur. Our dedicated service to hoteliers, retail outlets, property developers and private clients have been well received and we look to improve our style of service every day.

With unique designs and high quality service, our team has been able to meet the demands of our clients perfectly. Our vision is to develop a wide range of designs for houses and properties so that they become a benchmark for others to follow. The exceptional ideas for interior designing is our USP. Following that we have tried to improve on the designs and have come up with numerous themes for our clients. In addition to interior designing and architecture in Udaipur we also offer urban designing, corporate projects, sports projects, entertainment projects and many others. Enkay Architecture is basically the A-Z of architecture and interior design and you will be surprised to see the volume of our work.

Apart from building houses and properties, we offer consultation services too for those who want to get a house built. The consultation would include ideas about how the property will be built, the type of rooms that will be required, the decorations you want to install and so on.The planning and development team have great coordination and whatever idea we have on a particular project, we run it by our client so that there is complete clarity.

One of the best things about Enkay Architecture is that we are willing to listen to the ideas that our clients have. We have numerous designs for properties that we can share with our clients, but if you have anything in mind, you can definitely let us know and we will try our level best to ensure that the design you provide is met.

Since the time we have been in this business, our mission has been to make our clients happy with quality architecture and unique interior designing. You can be rest assured that the service we provide and the designs that we have will definitely please you.

We are creative interior design, architecture and decor your space



  • Rajshekar

    Thank you so much for your work on our new home, and more recently the nursery for the new member of our family.

  • Ashok

    When we moved from Pune to Udaipur, we found ourselves in a larger home with virtually empty rooms. We need designs that were perfect for our family, and that truly reflected both my taste and style."